Commercial, Industrial or Government?

It’s becoming common for firms in our industry to describe themselves as Electricians, or Electrician Companies, or Industrial Electricians, or even Commercial Electricians, though they are more likely individuals focused on domestic work in the residential market.

In contrast, Electrical Contractors are more likely to be Electrical Companies focused on Industrial Electrical Services and/or Commercial Electrical Services. The electrical services they provide require an Electrical Contractor License, so they can be described as Licensed Electrical Contractors or sometimes they refer to themselves as Independent Electrical Contractors.

Where it gets confusing is when the tradesperson who turns up on a job describes him or her self as a Licensed Electrician, or Certified Electrician, or Commercial Electrician, or Industrial Electrician. Individual electricians must each be licensed/certified, and may work in the industrial or commercial sectors; but that doesn’t mean they personally are an Electrical Contractor or that they have an Electrical Contractor License.

Medium to large commercial and/or industrial businesses, including government enterprises, should find an electrician only through a sizeable firm with an Electrical Contractor License that is responsible for the quality and safety of work their electricians complete under properly documented electrical contracts.

A larger Licensed Electrical Contractor like ComSpark can also provide complementary electrical services like Network Cabling, Telephone Cabling, Data Cabling and Structured Cabling which require corresponding licenses.

So before you try to find an Electrician, even a so called ‘Commercial Electrician’, first decide whether you really need to search among Electrical Contractors. The difference could save money and/or lives!

While there are many Perth Electricians, Perth Electrical Contractors are few. ComSpark are first and foremost independent electrical contractors Perth focused and experienced to provide commercial electrical and industrial electrical services delivered by certified electricians under our electrical contractor license EC 6045.

Some companies specialise as Commercial Electrical Contractors, others as Industrial Electrical Contractors; but in practice the skills required for both industries are very similar, so either electrical contractor is worth considering, and the larger electrical contractors often handle both.