Frank Battista Electrical Award Winners


Announcing the 2016 Frank Battista Award Recipient

At ComSpark, we value ‘price’…..not the price you are thinking of, our PRICE stands for;

Positivity Reliability Initiative Caring Efficiency

Each year ComSpark peers nominate fellow co-workers for the Frank Battista Award. The award is based on acknowledging the staff member who most embodies and demonstrates the above values.  The prize for winning is a monetary amount of which the recipient may choose to donate to their charity of choice.

This year’s award went to John Neilsen, with an overwhelming amount of nominations covering all aspects of our PRICE values.  John has been with ComSpark for over 6 years, mentoring many apprentices and gaining many repeat clients who request him by name.

We asked John just what it meant to him to be awarded this year’s winner. Here is what he had to say:

HOW DID IT FEEL TO FIND OUT YOU HAD WON?   I felt very nervous when announced. This would be the greatest award passed on that I have received and wanted to feel that it was well received by my peers.

Winning the award means a great deal as I enjoying working for ComSpark and I think this is reflected in my dealings with fellow colleagues and clients. Now I am fortunate to share a rare place of honour next to other work mates that have inspired my work and whom I have great respect for.
I have come second a few times and coming away with the win shows that my compassion, helpfulness, knowledge, and customer service is merited. It’s the greatest feeling to complete a project and leave a satisfied customer with a job well done.

I have nominated two charities to split the funds. First being The RSPCA. Carly and I have 2 dogs and we both love and care for them both greatly.
We both do the ‘Paws Walk’ every year and wanted to be able to contribute more. The RSPCA do some great work in saving and taking care of all types of animals. It is good to know this money is going towards helping to save lives.

The second charity is the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation. I wanted to support a less known fund and to bring some awareness to a condition that effects children in having their hair fall out at a very young age. This has happened to Carly’s niece who is a lovely little girl. I hope that the money can be directed to helping to understand why this happens and remedying the situation.

Thank you to Kim and Lindsay, I am greatly appreciative and humbled.