Commercial Kitchen Electrical Installation

21st Century Kitchen Classrooms

The humble home economics class has come a long way since the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and there’s no wonder with the rise of cooking on TV.

Learning how to cook is extremely popular now and has become an important skill for all to harness. But, you don’t have to be up with the latest episode of Masterchef, or Junior Masterchef, for that matter, to know there’s a lot of equipment in a cooking lab these days.

Appliances such as mixers, blenders, juicers, processors, slowcookers, rice cookers, vaccum sealers, baymaries, blast chillers even thermomixers have become standard issue, alongside the oven, microwave, stove and fridge/freezer. Put all that into a modern classroom setting with tablet computers and AV screens etc and you’ve got one very large electrical system to manage.

Not long ago, ComSpark completed works in the kitchen classrooms of John Wollaston Anglican Community School which were so impressive, the specifications astounded us. The newly built Technology and Enterprise section which includes a domestic kitchen and a commercial kitchen, was purposefully designed and constructed with the competencies of both lower and upper school students in mind.

The running costs though for facilities such as these can send a school broke very quickly and even be hazardous if the electrical system hasn’t been optimised purposefully.

Retraction: Jamie Oliver did not attend John Wollaston Anglican Community School, although he would surely be welcome to do so should the opportunity arise.

Has your school optimised or calibrated it’s power supply?