Electrical Thermal Scan

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words


About a third of all industrial fires are caused by electrical problems, and electrical fires currently cost Australia $6,000 million per year.

Many insurance companies are now requesting evidence of a Thermal Imaging Report when renewing policies as they see preventative maintenance as an extra step in reducing the instances of electrical fires.

The main cause of switchboard fire is an undetected “HotSpot”. Thermographic cameras can detect hotspots which are invisible to the naked eye well before they progress into an electrical equipment failure, electrical fire or potentially a switchboard explosion.

Early detection of hotspots is key and may save your company time and money by assisting in eliminating unexpected equipment outages and minimising business disruptions.

Thermal imaging allows the detection of variations in temperature through representations of temperature in a colour scaled thermographic image. Warmer to hot objects are visible to the thermographer.

Thermal scanning is non-intrusive, does not require a shutdown and can be carried out without impacting site operations. ComSpark recommends annual scanning of switchboards to prevent the risk of damage and fire to your premises.

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Did you know that ComSpark do Testing and Tagging as well as RCD Testing?