Perth, Western Australia

ComSpark operates a modern, Perth based electrical contracting business utilising sophisticated business management technologies to streamline every facet of the business, from quoting through scheduling, to project control and invoicing.

ComSpark technicians are equipped with new and well equipped vans, quality tools and mobile technology to boost their daily efficiency and effectiveness.

Safety comes first at ComSpark, for our staff and clients.  Every job requires our technicians to complete a ‘Take 5’ or JHA before commencing. Fortnightly toolbox meetings are held to ensure ongoing training and awareness of all OH&S issues.

We conduct our work throughout the Perth metropolitan area and regional WA.

ComSpark was founded in Perth in 1997 as an electrical and communications cabling company, and has remained true to its roots.

Ownership changed hands several times as the business expanded. ComSpark is currently owned and directed by Lindsay McMillan.

Lindsay is a business management professional, not an electrician. That’s why he sees the industry so differently. We think for the better. Of course, there are plenty of technical experts at ComSpark, including our General Manager.

ComSpark currently operates 10 vehicles and has over 25 employees,

which (according to NECA) places us among the top 5% of WA electrical firms by size. We’ve been expanding at the rate of around 25% each year (by revenue and personnel) for the last 3 years and intend to keep going at that rate indefinitely. To manage that rate of growth we sometimes engage carefully chosen sub-contractors to assist us with larger or more urgent jobs.

We think it’s important that everyone at ComSpark understands why and how their individual contribution matters. All staff enjoy quarterly profit share bonuses in line with group performance. We have rigorous financial management disciplines that have ensured consistent profitability for many years. Our success ensures smooth running for our many ongoing clients.

ComSpark invests heavily in training, safety, equipment and technology to improve outcomes for staff and clients. We commit to apprenticeships, employing and nurturing our own.

Sustained FIFO work is generally not good for personal health or family life. There is more than enough work in Perth, and our staff want to stay at ComSpark and work for our clients predominantly in and around the Perth metro. We think this is better for our Perth clients too. But we still complete regional projects from time-to-time.

” At ComSpark, clients come first, then staff, then the company. 

We believe it is the responsibility of management to support staff to support clients. If our clients aren’t happy, staff will lose jobs and we’ll be out of business.  So it’s up to us to satisfy our clients. That’s much easier to say than do. Our case studies confirm that we do in fact achieve ongoing client satisfaction, and consistently across a broad range of industries and organisations.

We enjoy our work, we think it makes an important contribution to our society, and we’re on a mission to professionalise an industry trade that’s not renowned for proper conduct.

In Remembrance

In memory of Frank Battista, ComSpark’s Managing Director and Shareholder, 2006-2011.

“Frank grew and nurtured ComSpark from a ‘traditional blue collar’ business to be a professional, structured, dynamic and future driven company by believing and demonstrating the values and behaviours he expected of his team.  It is with this in mind that we celebrate his legacy and strive continuously to practice the core values of ComSpark.”

So say the words of the plaque which is prominently affixed to a wall in our office.  The plaque contains the names of the staff members who have so far received the annual Frank Battista Award for consistent and noteworthy conduct which demonstrates our PRICE values.

Only one award is presented each year.  The winner is recognised and honoured by their peers; but receives no financial reward. Instead, half the monetary prize is donated by ComSpark to a cancer charity chosen by the company, and the other half is donated to a cancer charity chosen by the award winner.

Frank was a man who knew caring and giving in practice. He gave continuously and generously of his knowledge, time and resources (Head, Heart, Hands) to staff, clients, industry colleagues, and beyond.  We endeavour to emulate his example every day.

Licenses and Accreditations

  • Electrical Contractors Licence – EC006045
  • ADC Krone 15 years Warranty Endorsed Installers
  • Clipsal 15 years Warranty Endorsed Installers
  • Fibre Certified Installers
  • All technicians hold National Police Clearances
  • All technicians hold Senior First Aid Certificates

Our technicians hold EWP, Working at Heights, Confined Spaces training as well as licences to perform high risk work.


$20,000,000 public and products liability

  • Broker: WFI Insurance
  • Policy Number: GA129008908BUSP
  • Expires: 30th November 2016

$50,000,000 Workers Compensation

  • Broker: WFI Insurance
  • Policy Number: 012-12980
  • Expires: 31st January 2017

Client References

Client references may be issued upon request.

If we sound like the kind of people that you might like to have on your team, call us now on 08 6336 7210 to arrange a complimentary fixed price quotation, or to enquire about other ways we could assist you. For small or urgent jobs, simply book online.