Is there a question not addressed to your satisfaction, or missing entirely?  We hate to disappoint.

Please email us on and we’ll get back to you straight away.  Or call us now on 08 6336 7210.

How soon can I have a quotation?

Call us now on 08 6336 7210 to arrange a complimentary fixed price quotation, and we’ll have it back to you within 48 hours of attending your site.

How soon can you do the job?

Do and Charge’ work is typically completed within 24 hours of your call.  In fact, we prioritise morning requests to be completed by the end of the day if possible.  Jobs requiring a quotation will include project timescales.

Can’t all electricians do communications work?

No and No. No, because not all electricians can ‘communicate’! But also No, because data communications work requires special training, often training that is provided only by the particular suppliers of the more sophisticated communications systems. ComSpark ensures currency of all specialist accreditations so we complete your job correctly by the appropriate personnel.

Every Electrician employed by ComSpark has an A-Grade Electrical Licence and an ACA base cabling license with endorsements as a minimum.

How do I know you’ve done a quality job?

We’re so glad you asked. It would be foolhardy to assume that all tradesmen do a quality job, or even a safe job! We have a wide range of expensive testing and measuring tools that demonstrate the necessary jobs have been identified and completed most effectively, and we routinely supply these reports to our clients for their peace of mind and compliance.

Aren’t ‘electricians’ and ‘electrical contractors’ the same?

An electrician is an individual who has completed the requirements of a trade certificate as an electrical mechanic and is registered by the appropriate authorities as one who is licensed to practice as an electrician.  Electricians find employment in a range of situations, including working for electrical contractors.  An individual electrician may undertake additional training and complete a certified course to become a registered electrical contractor.  While they maintain their annual dues they are authorised to sign off on jobs (eg certify jobs are safe and complete).

Only electrical contractors are authorised to approve proposed and completed electrical works.  Some individuals operate as self-employed electrical contractors, possibly with an apprentice.  But many work in larger businesses not as the electrical contractor themselves but as a licensee of the larger firm that is the electrical contractor for all works undertaken.  Electrical contractors are authorised to sub-contract work to be performed by electricians and allied technicians.  Electricians alone are not authorised electrical contractors, yet many engage in ‘cashies’ which leave the purchaser without proper legal protection, and possibly in danger of unsafe work.  So when you are seeking an electrician, you are really seeking an electrical contractor.

Larger firms, such as ComSpark which by revenue and employee numbers is among the top 5% of electrical contracting firms in WA according to NECA, are the only viable option for organisations who must ensure the safety of their personnel.

What don’t I know that could bite me?

Without ongoing servicing of your data and electrical facilities … almost anything! As well as health and safety issues, many punitive legislative requirements are already in place, and the list keeps growing. For example, your obligations with respect to downlight barriers, power protection in general and RCDs in particular, and smoke alarms. There is public safety also to consider. New and changing requirements arise continually. Some of the major safety issues are described in our safety page. And we keep our clients up to date via our blog.

Why don’t you do domestic work?

Domestic work is mostly low-skilled, so it’s no surprise that homeowners don’t want to pay the rates that are necessary for ComSpark to maintain the skill and equipment levels of personnel required in our target markets of commercial and industrial enterprises.  If you’re a homeowner with basic requirements, we suggest you find a local sparky.  But if you have complex needs like home automation for example, or a high-spec home renovation or development, it may pay you to contact us.  We do handle selected domestic work.  We just don’t seek it out.

Do you have different pricing for charities?

Our estimating and pricing is the same for all clients; but not-for-profit organisations that enter into long-term arrangements with us may participate in capped profitability pricing which is rebated quarterly as a donation.  Contact us for details.

What charities does ComSpark support?

This is important. ComSpark supports several cancer research charities because Frank Battista, our previous Managing Director, sadly succumbed to cancer in 2011.  Paul Curtis, our current Managing Director and the owner of ComSpark, actively contributes his time as a Non-Executive Director on the board of The Centre for Cerebral Palsy.  We also support a number of not-for-profit clients with capped profitability pricing which is rebated quarterly as a donation, and we donate regularly to a number of other charities.

How do I get the best technician for the job?

We allocate personnel according to the job requirements.  Our technicians are multi-skilled and we typically have several who are more than capable of each job.

Why would I want to pay for an apprentice?

Our electricians travel most days with an apprentice because a lower cost resource means each job can typically be done around twice as fast for only 1.5 times the labour cost.  In many situations occupational health and safety and employment Award regulations stipulate the presence of two persons (eg to hold a ladder) so it is absolutely necessary to have two personnel in attendance.  If only one person is requested to attend a ‘do and charge’ job the circumstances determined on site may then necessitate delays and further travel costs, making the job more expensive than if a team including an apprentice had originally attended.

Do you charge for quotations?

Accepted industry practice is not to charge for quotations themselves, but obviously the costs of estimating and winning work are ultimately included in the price of jobs completed by those who have been awarded the work.  We sometimes decline to submit a quotation, or even attend a request for quotation, if we believe the organisation inviting tenders is seeking too many respondents, as this simply inflates the costs adversely for all concerned.  Better to have a well prepared specification and invite only those contractors best suited to do the work.

What is ‘do and charge’ work?

Some jobs are too small to justify the cost of estimating and quotation.  It is better to agree on rates based on hours and materials and have the job completed by urgent attendance of appropriate technicians.

How can we afford what ComSpark charges?

If you have a job that needs doing, you definitely can’t afford to have it done badly.  Our price may be a little above the ‘lone rangers’ but not by much; and that little extra will ensure a job well done, on time, and without unpleasant surprises.  Consider our PRICE guidelines to be sure.

Why switch to LED lighting?

Simply, because it makes better financial sense in the longer term, and they will last a lot longer. The lights themselves may be more expensive, but the significantly reduced power consumption will recoup that. The convenience of not having to keep replacing globes is the real financial benefit.

The different wattages can be baffling at first, so call us on 08 6336 7210 to help you quantify the benefits over time of installing new or replacing your existing lighting. But don’t stop there, consider our comprehensive Energy Audit service.

Do you offer preferential rates for regular customers?

Absolutely.  Call us on 08 6336 7210 for information about possible ongoing arrangements.

How do we get started?

Call us on 08 6336 7210 to arrange a complimentary fixed price quotation, or to enquire about other ways we could assist you. For small or urgent jobs, simply book online. Or go to our contact page for other communication options.