Is it all in your head?

It’s mental health week.. And what could be more important to your life than the contents of your cranium? Sometimes though, it’s not easy to know whether everything is OK upstairs and it’s high time the stigma around not being OK, went AWOL!

The theme of this year’s campaign talks about taking responsibility and caring for your own wellbeing. There’s sure it be the usual analogy in the media this week that ‘if you injured your body you’d get it checked out.. but if something’s not right about your thinking you’re more likely to dismiss it..’. As cliché as it is, it’s absolutely true, but sometimes recognising the signs aren’t so clear cut.

Every now and then we can find ourselves in a bit of a rut..  It’s often a case of ‘stuff” building up over time, and when it’s not dealt with adequately it can lead to all sorts of problems. ‘Checking in’ with a trained professional is likely to aid in unlocking or freeing the brain, much like defrag’ing or emptying the trash on your computer.

‘Reach out and help others’ is this year’s top tip to ‘help you stay mentally healthy‘ according to the WA Association for Mental Health (WAAMH). As many would know, selfless acts of giving form a strong part of the ComSpark value system..

One such partner we gift to regularly is TEAR Australia, who have recently initiated a campaign called for Tomorrow which has some strong messages to convey. Though centred around international development, one such message presents findings that if ‘everyone on the planet were to live as Australians do, that it would take three planets to sustain us’!!

At a speech given at the weekend, TEAR Australia’s WA representative, Phil Croot said:

“In today’s capitalist society it’s become common to fall into the mindset of being dissatisfied with what you have (which in itself can be depression inducing!), and this message is projected onto us where ever we go, particularly through media and advertising channels. Turn on your TV and you’re likely to be inundated within minutes..”

In our experience, looking beyond your own needs to apply genuine compassion is sure to shift something inside, especially if it’s a cause that really resonates with you.

Is giving back making a difference to your mental health?