my-maccas-appMcDonald’s restaurants benefit from ComSpark P.R.I.C.E.

Client: McDonald’s Australia

Industry: Hospitality

Service: Communications – Installation


  • Statewide implementation
  • Efficient, fuss-free installation
  • Refined electrical solution

McDonald’s identified a need to further streamline various aspects of operations and procedures after an increase in customer wait times both in-store and via drive-throughs.

The burger giant developed the ‘My Macca’s’ app, an innovative solution that allows customers to pre-order meals via smartphone and tablet devices.


Part of the implementation required an efficient and reliable electrician to install various pieces of electrical/communication equipment initially within two Perth trial restaurants in March 2013.

The company had no previous provider or standing contractor suitable for the job as the specific technology components and the existing electrical pathways in-store required a refined, specialist plan.

Large LCD TV screens to display orders for pick-up had to be connected to a datacenter via a network of Cat 5 and Cat 6 pathways with an adjoining media converter.

The concise electrical design and layout system of McDonalds restaurants means that space comes at a premium, as such the roof space is extremely tight and any additional cabling needed to occupy as little space as possible whilst conforming to strict electrical protocol.

With McDonald’s restaurants serving throughout the day, it was recognised that in order to not disrupt valuable trade, it was essential that the technician be punctual, reliable and appear cleanly to carry out the work thoroughly and efficiently the first-time.

In such a scenario, it is easy to understand how McDonald’s would benefit from ComSpark’s longstanding P.R.I.C.E values.

  • Positivity – approach everything with a positive ‘can do’ attitude
  • Reliability – always do things when we say we will, and do it perfectly every time
  • Initiative – foster and encourage initiative in all our employees
  • Caring – care about and for our staff and our clients
  • Efficiency – no fuss, no mistakes, urgency without haste or drama

In June 2013, the initial trial was deemed a success and after positive feedback from the project’s management ComSpark was contracted to carry out the electrical and communication work state-wide.

“We use ComSpark for all our data and electrical requirements in Perth.  ComSpark are probably our best agent Australia wide.

The customer service, attention to detail and friendly outlook is what sets them apart.  I never have to chase up a job,  ComSpark stick to what they say and that is rare in this industry.

ComSpark are a premium corporate electrical contractor who deliver on all levels and understand all requirements set forth. I highly recommend ComSpark and would not recommend any other company.”

Danny H, Managing Director, Third-Party Project Management Team

ComSpark dedicated a small team to the installation and completed works over the course of sixteen weeks, two weeks earlier than the allocated timeframe.

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AKER Solutions

Aker Solutions logoComSpark works night and day to wire Aker Solutions new Perth premises

Client: Aker Solutions

Industry: Resources

Service: Office fit-out – Power, Electrical, Network installation


  • High spec office relocation
  • Scalable expansion
  • On time/budget delivery
  • Contracting and subcontracting

Having outgrown their former Perth premises, Aker Solutions required a custom electrical and communications fit-out after leasing a vacant floor of the Governor Stirling Tower at 197 St Georges Terrace.

With the company’s headquarters positioned in Oslo, Norway, the nature of the business’s communications were identified as being primarily long distance teleconferencing. This in turn meant that it was a high priority and a pivotal requirement for this expansion to integrate the fastest and most reliable communication cabling possible.

Working with Valmont as the client’s design and construct consultants, ComSpark was appointed the task of refining the specification and implementing the work within a tight set of parameters which included: budget, time and cable distribution restraints.

As with any shared building, highly restrictive building codes govern electrical and communication systems with fire safety of maximum concern to the building strata. As a commercial tenancy, it also meant that aspects of the work had to be carried out after-hours, so as to not disrupt the business of neighbouring occupants.

In particular, Building Code Australia (BCA) F.4 which stipulates the appropriate mix of natural light and lighting standards as well as code J6 regarding energy efficiency and insulation were fulfilled in their entirety.

The division of the floorspace consisted of a variety of: executive offices and open plan workstations, as well as a: reception area, communications/server room, high spec boardroom, kitchenette and male and female bathrooms. Upon further consultation and a number of site visits ComSpark provided various plans for Aker and Valmont to consider with differing quality ratios for fixtures and fittings.

Aker Solutions Electrical Installation

During the investigative phase of the project it was discovered that the installation of various communication cabling for the boardroom could only be completed from the floor below. With work needing to be carried out after hours this presented an issue of security and liability for both ComSpark and Aker Solution’s new neighbours. After further mediation a security sub contractor was employed to monitor proceedings whilst ComSpark electricians went about their work during the night.

The project’s implementation personnel was divided into two teams with one team of specialists dedicated to lighting and power and the other a team of data and communications technicians. Each team was lead by an onsite supervisor, Maghdie Enous with project management and contract negotiation was undertaken by ComSpark’s Operations Manager Mark Rooney.

Working side-by-side with Valmont trades for the total duration of the project, ComSpark achieved the installation a week earlier than the designated period of five weeks which in turn allowed ample time for assurance testing.

Upon completion of the project onsite assistance was provided to the client’s IT personnel at no extra cost so as to aid the transition to occupancy. Final ‘as-built’ documentation and drawings were supplied within a week of final handover.

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YouthCare LogoCaring for YouthCARE

Client: YouthCARE

Industry: Charity

Service: Office refurbishment


  • Guidance, care and trust
  • Low budget refurbishment
  • Long term benefit

As an existing client, YouthCARE approached ComSpark first for advice after acquiring the final bridging unit within a row of four at their commercial/industrial building in Morley. Since contracting ComSpark initially in 2010, the business relationship between the two entities has grown significantly in trust and understanding.

YouthCARE has come to rely on ComSpark to fulfil any electrical and communications related services and the close proximity between the two has made maintenance easy to do so.

In keeping with their relationship, ComSpark aided YouthCARE in selecting a builder that would work with them to purposefully amalgamate the premises.

YouthCARE values

As a charitable organisation the budget for the project was largely ‘unknown’ which meant the regularity and quantity of funds was uncertain. But with caring as the centrepiece of ComSpark’s value system, the company’s management identified it as an ideal project to contribute towards their annual philanthropic efforts.

The priority tasks in bringing the two sections of the building together included: expanding and updating the kitchenette, upgrading training facilities, wiring up additional office workstations and for the premises to ultimately work as a collective whole.

From an electrical and cabling perspective this meant power, data/network cabling, lighting and possibly audio visual works, should it be feasible, were to be installed.

Upon closer inspection it was further identified that the circa fifty year old building would benefit from an overhaul of its electrical wiring for the purposes of not only longevity and energy efficiency but safety too.

After the initial rewiring of the main switchboard, works onsite were phased in and out periodically in accordance with the builder over the course of several months.

Starting at one end of the building, areas were completed one-by-one so as to enable business to carry on around the refurbishment. Workers were as courteous as could be with regards to noise, scheduling midday hours to use power tools wherever possible.

With patience and perseverance, the project, which excluded various audio visual components was delivered in November of 2013. Pleased with the outcome, YouthCARE further contracted ComSpark again early in 2014 for the installation of an array of audio visual components.

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John Wollaston Anglican Community School

John-Wollaston_LogoRe-engineering good economics for John Wollaston home economics

Client: John Wollaston Anglican Community School

Industry: Education

Service: Audio Visual/Communications – Installation


  • Post design and construct integration
  • Reevaluated project, reengineered solution
  • Greater practicality at reduced cost

A bold and futuristic vision to deliver students an integrated Audio Visual (AV) experience, from the new ‘Food-tech’ department of their new Technology and Enterprise building, drove John Wollaston Anglican Community School (JWACS) to seek specialist service and advice for its implementation.

Engaging ComSpark initially in 2011 to relocate the schools entire communications network, gave JWACS an opportunity, without realising it, to verify ComSpark as the professional and timely service provider it was seeking.

Commercial Electrical Installation

Self managing their latest project, a team of local independent partners including the: architect; SMA, builder; Wallace & Co and engineer; NDY Engineers were appointed to deliver the highly innovative and anticipated building.

Gailene Shore, JWACS business manager says “It was an ambitious proposition but one we were confident would yield the results we wanted”.

The school, architect and the engineer originally collaborated to devise planning for each kitchen, with priority given to the function of each area, but without the benefit of technical communications expertise to establish the viability of each system.

It was some months after installing the fibre optic cabling, elsewhere on site, before the design and construct team sought further consultation from ComSpark Operations Manager Mark Rooney over how he thought it best to approach integrating the technology to its best capabilities.

With fewer elements to each workstation, the limited contents of the domestic kitchen ensures it can nurture basic cooking skills in a low risk environment with a focus on offering lessons with simultaneous demonstration from the front of the room. As such, the requirement was to display the educators tuition via large screens positioned at the front and rear of the room. With vision coming from two cameras fixed to the ceiling along with the option to switch to a data stream via a laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Commercial Electrical Installation

The client had envisioned a similar AV set up for the commercial kitchen, a more formalised setting not dissimilar to that of the country’s top restaurants, hotels and caterers. Realising post-construction that the varied layout with both larger and additional workstations dividing the room had impacted visibility. Upon closer inspection it was discovered that the proposed individual monitors at each workstation would be adequate, removing the need for the two large screens at the front of the room altogether.

“The team brought me a plan for what, where and why” says Mark “It was the ‘how’ they weren’t quite clear on”.

Subsequently, original proposals for both kitchens were reevaluated, revised and presented for consideration, after a period of vigourous consultation with all stakeholders.

Mark recalls “Product knowledge became vital to procurement on this project”. “Acquiring the right mix of products to deliver the functional requirements, at the right price was important to everyone involved”.

It was identified early on that choosing high spec computer monitors over high definition (HD)  television screens would firstly save hundreds of dollars in itself but it would also determine using a more efficient system. Utilising VGA as opposed to the HDMI with a TCP/IP connection, equated to a lower cost, higher effectiveness for cabling and associated parts.

Commercial Electrical Installation

For the commercial kitchen, 21 inch wall mounted monitors became the agreed alternative for each of the sixteen workstations after also considering tablets. Sending the video signal via Cat 6 over HDMI cabling negated the proposed inclusion of media converters at each screen completely (saving around $200 each) replaced with inexpensive splitters and repeaters as required. Choice of camera to capture the visuals was also rethought accordingly, switching from expensive high spec HD video cameras to a high spec colour security cameras.

“We simply aren’t in the business of proposing any products for our clients that don’t reach our high standards for quality or longevity” says Mark. “In our game, you get what you pay for and we just aren’t willing to stake our reputation on shoddy equipment or materials”.

Providing greater practicality at reduced cost as a direct result of consultation was of particular achievement in quite unique circumstances. Effective communication and problem solving skills were in this instance considered the essential ingredients in navigating the obstacles to the final outcome.

Also pleasing for all involved was acknowledgement of the clients satisfaction, verifying another job completed to a consistent, high standard.

The client was undoubtedly pleased with a reengineered solution that surprisingly saved money on an innovative investment. “We wanted to advance to technological apparatus after using mirrors for this function previously” Gailene confirms “We’re certainly happy with the outcome”.

The project has been nominated for formal commendation at NECA industry awards, a first for both ComSpark and licencee Mark Rooney. Being recognised at a national level would go some distance to further affirming an already strong name and reputation amongst customers and industry peers.

“Recognition doesn’t come much higher than being awarded for excellence by your authorised industry body”. “Winning this award would certainly aid growth aspirations via increased marketing opportunities and a substantial competitive difference” says Mark.