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ComSpark Training the Future

Two of our apprentices recently completed their capstone assessment making them fully fledged electricians. Congratulations to Kain Woodward and Jessica Camplin

ComSpark’s General Manager, Kimberley Marshall, notes: “Kain has been a standout apprentice since his first day with ComSpark.  His was rather quiet and shy to start off with but is now a confident, competent and capable technician who will bring much talent to the ComSpark Team, we can’t wait to get him out in the field as an electrician”.

“Jessica came to us mid-way through her apprenticeship and has increased her skills and knowledge in leaps and bound over the last two years.  We are thrilled to be able to keep her on as an electricain and look forward to her continued growth and development as an electrician”, said Kimberley.

Capstone assessment

The electrician capstone exam assessment (also known as the Electrical Systems Safety Assessment) is final assessment to take place in an electrical apprenticeship. This course ensures participants are confident and well-practiced in how to verify compliance and functionality of low voltage and general electrical installations

Investment in our future

We see training of our staff both an investment in the individual and company development, and ultimately contributing towards increasing business performance and productivity.

According to the ABS During the year ended June 2002, 81% of all Australian employers provided some training for their employees. Of all employers, 41% provided structured training and 79% provided unstructured training.

Deloitte considers investing in employee training to be a critical aspect of the company’s current and future success.