Could your office lighting be impacting on your staff’s productivity and mood?

Take a look up at your ceiling. Are you looking at an old yellow coloured fluorescent tube? Maybe it occasionally flickers? Is it possible that lighting can have a significant impact in the workplace.

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mid imageAccording to an article recently published in ECD (Electrical+Comms+Data) based on an international study of workplace lighting, the impact of poor lighting could affect more than just work place specific tasks, but workers overall well being.

As part of the survey (an interactive study), it was discovered that over 77% percent of participated preferred a ‘neutral white’ coloured light (4000k – 5000k) and more than 60% preferred a workplace with illuminance of 800 lux. Current standards allow for a normative planning lux level of 500 lux.

The survey also uncovered that most workplaces do not allow employees to adjust lighting to meet their individual needs and the chance of direct and indirect lighting (natural lighting) is very limited. 81% of survey participants reported limited or often no opportunity to control the lighting situation at their workplace. The study reported that restricted user access and insufficient options for adjustment correlated with a clearly poorer assessment of lighting quality and well being.


Based on these figures, the majority of workers are not satisfied with the lighting in their workplace. The article goes on to explain that natural daylight and artificial light affects humans on three level, visual, emotional and biologically, therefore, the importance of lighting should not be dismissed.

‘Optimum light is just as important for health, motivation and performance as it is for the completion of specific tasks.’

Lighting technology innovation in recent years has made major strides in terms of generation, distribution and control, greatly expanding the raft of possibilities offered by artificial lighting design.

The constraints of uniformed diffused fluorescent tubes has gone! LED’s are leading the way, with ‘clever lighting’ that can change light colours, from cold-white lighting in the morning to early afternoon, slowly softening to a lower intensity warmer light hues into the evening. Controls can also account for natural light mixing with artificial lighting….the options are becoming endless.

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