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Data Takes Precedence

Is there any business in this information age which can afford to have a critical component of their data equipment fail because it’s not been checked for over 12 months?

A recent study* revealed that one minute of data equipment downtime costs an average of $7,900. With an typical outage of 90 minutes, the total cost of an incident could potentially be as high as $700,000. This large cost is reflected in the fact that data equipment now supports critical internal and web-based applications.

Maintenance checks of data equipment is often neglected, but is a highly important strategy for the protection of data, reducing downtime and improving performance.

Preventative maintenance safeguards your data and reduces the likelihood of failure. This is achieved by taking precautionary and proactive steps in the inspection and detection of potential failures before they occur. Routine maintenance may include: the replacement of parts, the thermal scanning of breaker panels, or the updating of physical infrastructure firmware.

A maintenance schedule ensures that procedures for a calendar-based program of inspections is established so that defects can be spotted before they evolve into something more severe. Inspections by a qualified electrician can serve as a confirmation that your data equipment is on track to support the businesses goals.

Given the potential costs of downtime, it is important to schedule regular preventative maintenance inspections. A check will easily pay for itself by preventing unplanned downtime events.

Data equipment which has not had planned and preventative maintenance conducted is at an increased risk of downtime. A preventative maintenance plan is the key to protecting your company’s data asset, reducing downtime and improving performance.

With a scorching summer hot on our heels now is the perfect time to protect your data by booking your preventative maintenance check.

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