Not all jobs require a quote, which may simply delay completion.

go_button1Also, for smaller commercial jobs, and even some domestic jobs, it’s simply not financially worthwhile for you to have us provide a ‘free’ quote … it’s more economic if we complete your work on a ‘do and charge’ basis, that is, we attend to do the work and charge it according to our findings.

This is more cost effective as no quote is ever ‘free’, it must be written into the job price to ensure the quote covers any unforeseen events.  So for small jobs it’s better that we devote our time entirely to completing your work.  That’s better for us and better for you!

If this sounds like what you require, we’ll need your ‘Authority To Proceed‘ (ATP) which is an online form enabling you to quickly and easily provide your basic details.  The ATP form refers to our Schedule of Rates and Charges, and our Terms and Conditions of Trade.

In short, you will be charge our standard service rates for a minimum of 1 hour on site, plus a Call Out Fee as per our schedule.

It’s our general practice to assign technicians in pairs, with a Tradesman and an Apprentice together.  This tends to be the most cost-effective approach to uncertain situations; but you have an option to request and pay for a Tradesman only.  However, if it turns out the job requires two personnel (eg by law, or for safety reasons) we reserve the right to call upon and charge for a second person, and this may increase the overall cost of the job and/or delay completion.

Soon after we receive your completed ATP form we’ll be in touch to arrange a time and date for attendance.  If you contact us in the morning, we can be on site that afternoon.  And of course, you’re welcome to contact us on 08 6336 7210 at any time.

Thank-you for your work request!

We’ll seek to have someone out to your premises when you specified, but well be in touch shortly to confirm all details.