Commercial Electrical Contractors

ComSpark is a Perth based licensed commercial electrical contractor operating across the Perth metropolitan area and beyond. We have a team of professional, qualified, electricians and technicians providing electrical, communications and AV/IT installation, testing and maintenance for business, government, medical, commercial and industrial customers.

In contrast, Electrical Contractors are typically focused on providing services to commercial and government customers, and this requires an Electrical Contractor License.

This can be confusing as individual electricians must be licensed/certified in their own right, and while they may work in the industrial or commercial sectors, that doesn’t mean they have an Electrical Contractor License.

Commercial entities, including government enterprises, should have their electrical requirements performed by a sizeable firm with an Electrical Contractor License to ensure they have the resources, systems, and processes in place to deliver quality services and meet industry safety standards.

A larger Licensed Electrical Contractor like ComSpark can also provide additional services like Network Cabling, Telephone Cabling, Data Cabling, Structured Cabling, Audio Visual, and Point of Sale services.

Communications cabling work for telecommunications, data, fire, and security must be performed by a registered/licensed cabler to ensure it meets Australian standards. Comsparks electricians are licensed communication cablers.

It is common for firms in the electrical industry to describe themselves as Electricians, or Electrical Companies, these are often individuals focused on domestic work in the residential market, and they can lack the experience, systems, and resources required to meet the requirements of commercial and government customers.

ComSpark Electricians