Friends that benefit

Most businesses have alliances, they scratch your back – you scratch theirs. ComSpark is no different, in fact engaging like minded businesses is part and parcel with our giving and caring values.

There’s no doubt that we find great satisfaction working in close with property managers and real estate agents. We’re fast becoming known as the ‘go-to guys’ in Perth to get offices and factories wired up safely, reliably and efficiently.

Refurbishments such as configuring power points and data points is our bread and butter but we’re finding that maintenance is a very important consideration that often gets overlooked on leased properties and they’re generally subject to the most intensive usage!

You might find that a potential tenant wishes to know whether specific power calibrations are possible, if we’ve serviced the property previously, there’s every likehood we could assist with their queries which may be all you need to get the contract.

Also, the feedback we’re getting is that we’re often the only commercial electricians that people can; 1) get hold of on the phone or 2) do the job when needed. The organisation of our operations team means we usually have technicians on standby for works of this nature. If you call in the morning we can mostly be on site by the afternoon.

Property Managers, could your property portfolio benefit from making friends with ComSpark?