Natalie - Comspark Apprentice

Congratulations Natalie Panaino – Frank Battista Award Winner

Natalie joined ComSpark in April 2015, having recently arrived from South Africa, Natalie quickly integrated into the ComSpark team as we worked on her Australian colloquialisms.

Natalie Panaino - Frank Battista Award WinnerNatalie has the challenging, stressful and demanding job of managing and allocating resources to meet client expectation and company constraints. Natalie quickly became aware of every suburb in Perth, knowing which sites needed specific inductions and licences and which staff members are best suited to the site and scope of works at hand.

The reactive nature of ComSpark’s breakdown and repair division mean Natalie’s well organized and allocated day can be shattered by emergency call outs, staff illness and/or resources. Despite all the stress and pressure, Natalie has a smile on her face and a kind word for each client that contacts our office. She has an easy and fun relationship with the ComSpark technicians, which comes in handy when she breaks the news to them that they are not going home at 4.00pm, but attending an emergency call out.

The Frank Battista award is a peer nominated prize awarded to the staff member who most embodies ComSpark’s values;

  • Positivity
  • Reliability
  • Initiative
  • Caring
  • Efficient

Natalie’s fellow teammates agreed that Natalie possess and demonstrates all of the above qualities, with an overwhelming number of votes.

The Frank Battastia award is a monetary award, split between the recipient and their chosen charity. Natalie’s nominated charity was Manna, one of the largest providers of meals for disadvantaged people in Perth. To find out more and support this worthy charity, please follow this link