Meet the team Spotlight on Stephanie Hall, 2nd Year Apprentice

Stephanie joined the ComSpark team in April 2016. On completion of year 12, Stephanie successfully undertook a bachelor of Architecture, starting her career as a graduate architect in New Zealand. After 9 years as an Architect, Stephanie got the ‘Aussie’ bug and made the move from New Zealand to Western Australia.

Stephanie first made the move to WA seeking work in the mines, and she spent several years working a variety of jobs up north. However, she knew her passion was in the electrical industry, so she moved back to Perth to start her pre-apprenticeship. According to Stephanie, “I think being an electrician is the best combination of using your brain and muscles and it’s a constantly evolving industry that is used around the world.”

iamge3We asked Stephanie a few questions;
Q. What is the best part of your apprenticeship so far?
A. Learning new things and going to different sites everyday

Q. What is the worst part of your apprenticeship?
A. Paperwork and safety procedures

Q. In your apprenticeship what you expected?
A. No it’s even better!

Q. What would you ask from electricians who are mentoring apprentices?
A. Please be patient and open to all questions. When it is safe to do so, let us have a go

Q. What type of work do you most enjoy so far?
A. Fault finding, as this is where you learn the most as it’s a great feeling to systematically work through a problem to fix the fault

Steph’s advice to those seeking an apprenticeship;
“Do a pre-app and work experience this will give you a good understanding of what you will be in for and make you more appealing to future employers”. And when it comes to the interview, “I researched the company before making contact. I was confident and determined in the interview process….I sort of dominated the interview!”

Stephanie is very eager to complete her studies and practical experience with the prospect of sitting her capstone in early 2020. ComSpark will be there to support her all the way.