More than a website..

In 2014.. A good website has become a really basic necessity for ANY business, right? Seriously, do you do business with anyone who isn’t online? Gone are the days of excuses too.. New contacts simply think you’re lazy without one!

Luckily, there’s not too many of those around now-days however, there are still a lot of average ones. And how annoying can they be? Especially from a tablet or mobile device! These days a website can make or break a deal too – without you even knowing it..

But enough about the bad ones, what can you see in a really good website? or digital presence.. What can it tell you about a company? What’s the implication? Here’s five things a good website says about your business:

  1. Proves direction & purpose: when so many companies look the same, a website is an outstanding opportunity to show how you are different and a chance to declare your values or what you stand for.
  2. Demonstrates initiative: in industries such as ours, a lack of initiative can be a fatal! Make evident the fact that you’re responsibly going above and beyond to ensure the best for your customers, anticipating potential needs can make a exceptional impression.
  3. Establishes authority: There’s nothing like good old fashioned advice and expertise, blog posts and FAQ pages are a perfect means for this. It’s not necessarily about giving your trade secrets away but a website is an ideal place for you to share your tried and true experiences.
  4. Strengthens brand: you can always tell a company with a well considered brand because you see some of yourself in it and feel yourself naturally drawn to it over others. Give some thought to what it would take for your customers to see themselves as part of your business.
  5. Justifies decision-making: Ultimately.. The purpose of a website is for others to find you and your business, so why wouldn’t you consider it from their Point of View (POV)? Why not even go a step further and ask them?

A well designed and though-out website has undoubtedly been the benchmark for many years but ‘business as usual’ in the current information age has since evolved into much more.. The new ‘digital presence’ era is about being proactive and engaging beyond your own webspace, and assumes you’re now:

  • Being found on Google for search terms which you control
  • Conducting open conversations via the business page of your Facebook or Linkedin account
  • Tweeting, re-tweeting and conversing official policy, opinion or POV via Twitter
  • Regularly publishing and broadcasting self developed content such as blog posts, press releases or case studies
  • Offering a newsletter and/or email updates which keep you in mind for new and repeat business

Like it or loathe it.. We’re moving into a time where data is king and companies are using it to drive change. We’ve talked previously about the Internet of Things (IoT) and changes that are happening right now which are connecting more and more dots. As technology blends seamlessly into life, if you’re not keeping up with the changes it’s more than likely you and your business will simply be overlooked.

The time to grasp this stuff is now, if you haven’t already, no matter what field you’re in.. Capturing contact data, monitoring analytics, converting contacts to leads, prospects and customers are now the basics. Such aforementioned activities enable the growth of stronger business intelligence and that business intelligence enables you to make more informed decisions. What business wouldn’t want that?

How seriously have you considered your digital presence?