moth eye

Moth Eye Technology!

You’re sitting on the beach, enjoying the warm sunshine and your phone messaging tone goes off. You reach for your phone, but you can’t see the screen, the glare is too strong and you need to retreat to shade to read the text!

Moth Eye TechnologyThat may soon be a story that you tell your grandchildren! Moth Eye Smartphone Coating doesn’t reflect sunlight, resulting in no more glare.

This technology is currently being finalised at the University of Central Florida. The nature-inspired film is expected to be inexpensive, scratch resistant and self cleaning, no more grubby fingerprints on touch screens.

The anti-glare film design was inspired by the so called moth-eye effect, a unique pattern of anti-reflective nanostructures on the outer surface of a moth’s cornea that allow light to pass into the eye, but do not allow it to reflect out.

The final step before going to market with the anti-glare film is to improve the film’s durability, finding the balance between flexibility and hardness. The film will suit smartphone, tablets and TV’s.

Keep an eye out (eye out…get it!) for the product coming to market soon!