Electrical NBN

When the NBN comes to town

Exciting times ahead as the National Broadband Network (NBN) is wired up in Western Australia including the Perth metro area.

With speeds of up to 70 gigabits per second it will give us unprecedented communications potential and finally bring us up to speed with the US and Europe.

It’s expected to enable technologies like never before, for instance, making it possible to conduct live video conferencing from remote regional areas, such as the goldfields and wheat-belt (expired link removed) to anywhere in the world.

Its certainly been a huge talking point over the past few years too with a change of federal government and the cost running billions over budget its been a constant feature in news headlines.

So are you and your premises ready to receive the NBN when it soon arrives?

If you’re one to want to benefit from its full potential there’s a few questions you might need ask:

  • How long ago was our network cabling installed? or
  • How long has it been since our system was efficiency tested?
  • Is my network infrastructure running Cat 5e or Cat 6 cabling?
  • Is my network configured in a star shape formation or is it Daisy chained?

NBN co, the entity implementing the NBN across the country, will install the new fibre optic cabling to your door, however the way you’ve got the interior of your premises wired is completely up to you.

After all, wouldn’t it defy logic to have the ability on your doorstep only for it to be nullified by redundant cabling? That’d be like trying to suck up a lake with a straw!

Running an optimal system will have many flow on effects especially if you’re hosting your own servers in-house and patching your own communications using VOIP.

Now is the time to start thinking about how prepared your business is and whether there’s anything that needs to be done to ‘get you up to speed’, so to speak..

Unsure? Call us out to test your network, if need be we can calibrate it for you on the spot.

Is your network cabling optimised for the future?