Electrician - Office Apprentice

Office Apprentice

It’s not the latest reality TV show, although our participants are incredibly talented!

Earlier in January, we posted about our new year resolutions, one of which included putting members of our office team through a series of Integracom telecommunication courses, which will ultimately qualify each of them with a formal Cert III trade.

We’re pleased our five apprentices successfully navigated the first hurdle this month by passing their initial unit in ‘Open Registration’ where they learnt the various techniques of installing voice and data cabling.

Who are our office apprentices and how would you have come in touch with them?

  • Emilee – it’s likely you’ve chatted on the phone if you’ve called us with enquiries or work orders
  • Grant – if you’ve requested a quote he’d be the one assessing what’s required in terms of materials, equipment and labour
  • Luke – most new business partners to ComSpark nowadays will first have an appointment with our smiley business man
  • Mark – our licensee negotiates projects most of the time but refreshers his skills and fine tunes those of our fine workers constantly
  • Kimberley – conducts the band, making sure everyone’s in tune with our clients needs and aware of our own

The extra curricular activity involves attending classes two nights/eight hours per week in addition to fulfilling their usual job descriptions.

Needless to say, quiet study periods during lunch have become common occurrence in the warehouse as has the exchange of technical knowledge.

Are your employees adding value to your business, or are they just doing a job?