Footy Tipping 2014

Phasers Forever!

The 2014 Aussie rules season’s in full swing, to state the obvious.. And it’s a bumper edition of the footy tipping competition this year with nearly 20 tippers in ComSpark’s comp.

There’s been plenty of hype and slander in the build up too.. Especially with the West Australian teams at good odds for the flag – plus a good mix of eastern states supporters, with the inception of several new employees in the past twelve months..

So what’s the best strategy when it comes to tipping?

Does picking all the favourites better your chance at the prize? (or is that just cheating?)

Do you tip against your team? (or does that go against the ‘Bro’ code?)

Should you beat the boss, if you can..? (and what does it mean if he/she wins?)

We asked our comp’s coordinator Karl Woods for his comments:

Football Tipping is not something a company should embark on lightly. Company managers need to be prepared for the following repercussions;

Endless lunchtime discussions and occasional shouting sessions, Monday absenteeism due to depression, Mysterious disappearance of tipsters, Managerial staff spending much time in non productive gloating and probably the worst effect of all..

Perfectly rational team members stressed to such a point they begin to pick inferior teams such as Dockers or Collingwood in the delusional belief this will ultimately lead to success!

Fortunately the professional tipster team at Comspark are made of sterner stuff and are not lead away from the true goal – TO WIN

At the end of the day its not about who wins or loses.. Its about who wins. And who loses..

Both get their (respective) prize in our competition.

One aspect that’s of particular benefit to us  is the social engagement and light heartedness it brings the workplace. It would seem that our industry body, Master Electricians, feels the same, having launched an competition for trades and associates with a raft of big prizes.

Does your business lighten up the seriousness of a working week with any ongoing social engagements together ?