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ComSpark has three trained and qualified estimators to accurately estimate and quote any commercial electrical and/or data cabling requirement you may encounter.

Our resulting fixed price quotations are made available to you within 48 hours of site assessment, and provide detailed (itemised) elements with options and timescales. Onsite discussions and advice are without charge or obligation.

With ComSpark it’s not just about the price.  We know it’s customary to think of business as a trade-off between buyer and seller. In general, customers try to squeeze the lowest price out of an electrical firm to get the ‘best deal’. But this is only a particular branch of 18th century economic theory (zero sum analysis). It sets up both parties in combat even before the work has begun. And the result is inevitably a win-lose. But really it’s a lose-lose in the longer term. Whichever party loses will be reluctant to do business in future, leaving the customer to find another electrical firm and the electrical firm relying on finding new customers all the time.

Our rates may not be the cheapest; but our skills, availability and technology ensure your resulting costs will be the lowest.

We prefer to partner with customers who appreciate that the cheapest price in the short term is not the best value in the long term. If we’re allowed sufficient margin to provide quality service, then everybody wins, and our customers can focus on their own business with reliable support from us.

It’s too easy for an unscrupulous electrician to give you a low price, then sting you with extra costs after you have no recourse.  Don’t be fooled by unrealistic estimates.

Doing business with ComSpark doesn’t have to be a trade-off … for our regular clients it’s a pleasure. 

Call us now on 08 6336 7210 to arrange a complimentary fixed price quotation, or to submit a request for tender document, or to enquire about other ways we could assist you.

P.S.  Not all jobs require an estimate and quote, which may simply delay completion.  Also, for smaller commercial jobs, and particularly domestic jobs, it’s simply not financially worthwhile for you to have us provide a ‘free’ quote … it’s more economic if we complete your work on a ‘do and charge‘ basis, that is, we attend to do the work and charge it according to our findings.  This is more cost effective as no quote is ever ‘free’, it must be written into the job price to ensure the quote covers any unforeseen events.  So for small jobs it’s better that we devote our time entirely to completing your work.  That’s better for us and better for you!

For small or urgent jobs, we suggest the ‘do and charge‘ approach. Simply book online.

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