We’re licensed and registered commercial and industrial data cabling installers insured to supply, install, repair, maintain and service all your data/network cabling requirements including fibre optic.

ComSpark has the tools, software and expertise to complete any cabling work; by design, installation, fault-find, repair, splice, terminate and test cable in many different contexts (internal/external, commercial/industrial) including both single-mode and multi-mode optical fibre.

Typical site works include businesses, offices, hospitals and allied healthcare, commerce, defence, aviation, industrial, government departments, schools and other educational institutions.

electricians volt meter
structured data cabling

Don’t compromise the quality of your cabling investment with poor installation.

We provide a complete communications cabling solution including:

  • Network design and advice
  • Cabling and infrastructure
  • Fault finding and repair
  • Fusion Splicing
  • Fibre Optic installation and termination
  • Fibre Optic testing with certification
  • AS Built documentation
  • NBN connectivity
  • Complementary electrical work

We use the latest and best available tools including:

  • DTX 1800 Fluke Tester – single & multi mode
  • Yamasaki Fusion Splicer

All of our cabling technicians are also qualified electricians able to address all your needs in the one project; but we are happy to cooperate with electricians you may already use who don’t have our cabling and/or fibre optic expertise.

Communication and data network design and installation is often a neglected part of IT infrastructure.

Today’s networks run at very high speeds. Their design and installation requires specialist skills. A poor network design and/or sloppy installation will slow down your network, costing you time and money, reducing the return on your investment in computers and applications.

ComSpark’s qualified team of network designers and installers work with your IT supplier to make sure you get the most from your network, and the speed you have paid for.

ComSpark are Clipsal, and Krone accredited with all work tested and certified using a Fluke DTX1800 tester. ComSpark will provide a report certifying the cables are performing at the required standard.

The report shows the cable length, Attenuation, Return Loss, NEXT, PSNEXT, ELFEXT, and ACR high-bandwidth test. Certifying your cables saves you time and money.

What state is your communication cabinet in?

data-cablingComSpark technicians come across communication cabinets in all sorts of disarray. Unlabelled, unused equipment taking up space, no cable management and generally difficult to navigate and use.

Whilst it may ‘work’, it is certainly not optimal. Structured cabling is designed to facilitate ease of MAC – Moves, Adds and Changes. However, where there has been no future planning, or the initial cabinet that was selected no longer meets the needs of the business, communication cabinets can become overcrowded, unworkable and completely defeat the MAC principal. Staff or IT agents that attempt to change or re-patch extensions in a chaotic cabinet invariably cause more problems than they solve.

A well organised cabinet, on the other hand (see right), allows ease of use, saving time, money and frustration of anyone working on the cabinet.

ComSpark provide a complete service to bring your communications cabinet to a workable, usable and future proofed standard.

Our communications service includes:

  • Fluke testing data points
  • Identifying and labelling outlets to ensure field outlets match communication cabinet outlets
  • Installation of cable management
  • Colour coding of cables to identify different services
  • Providing documentation for reference of your IT support

Maybe you have your own network engineers, so all you need is the communications cabling equipment to be sourced, and delivered as well?

If you only want the gear, we can competitively source, procure, wrap and deliver to site a complete range of network cabling equipment for your own personnel to install.

This is particularly helpful to remote mining and infrastructure companies. Based on your specifications we can assemble, wrap, pack and send turn-key infrastructure solutions – data, connectivity and multimedia – to anywhere in WA.

For example, we could assist with a complete range of:

  • Patch leads of all categories, brands, lengths and colours
  • Racks and Cabinets, small to large
  • Pre-terminated Patch Panels and Jacks pre-configured for rapid inter-connectivity of Racks on site
  • Fibre Optic leads of any core, mode, length or connection
  • Pre-terminated Fibre Optic cables with protective end sheaths for rapid site deployment
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) rack mounted or free-standing, any size or brand
  • Cable management systems, vertical and horizontal, power rails (PDUs), shelves, etc
  • and no end of related supplies
electrical core cable splicer

Of course we can also assist in the specifications if required, including on-site consulting/estimating.

Call us now on 08 6336 7210 or request a complimentary fixed price quotation to supply and/or deliver any of the above, or to ask if we can help in any other way we’ve not mentioned.

Note: Things in this industry are often named differently, and we’ve only named a few of the most frequent items above. Our warehouse catalogue carries over 10,000 items! So even if you can’t see what you’re looking for on our website, we still may be able to help you. It’s best to call us and check.

Note also: Legally we are not permitted to offer an equipment supply only service in regard to electrical items, only communications equipment.

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