Is your electricity bill more than it needs to be?

If you don’t know where you’re losing energy, then you don’t know where you can save it.

That includes power in many forms; lighting, heating, refrigeration, industrial…

Without an Energy Audit you won’t know what you don’t know. Your currently unseen energy bills could be a significant drain on the overall productivity and profitability of your business. Even if we don’t find many savings (unlikely) you will still enjoy peace of mind, so it’s a no-lose proposition.

save electricity - save earth

Kyoritsu eco Efficiency Data Logger

Our comprehensive Energy Audit Report will quantify the Return On Investment (ROI) you can expect from implementing our recommendations, and how quickly the required investment in changes will pay for themselves.

This can be done in phases to accommodate your cash flow considerations; focusing on the ‘quick wins’ at first, the savings from which can finance further phases.

Many ROI’s are achieved within a 12 month period, making them budget neutral.

Certified energy efficency Ecoxpert

As authorised EcoXperts, we have the technology and skills to measure and monitor your energy usage patterns – in great detail, and even remotely – to identify your energy cost saving opportunities and to sustain those benefits.

Energy Efficiency

Energy saving is not about electrical repairs.  It’s about choices of energy materials and how they are configured.  It’s a science with enormous potential to contain costs.  It’s much more than just LED lighting.

Energy saving is good for business, and it’s good for the environment.

Electrical Energy Usage Chart

What’s involved and what do you get?

A comprehensive Energy Audit Report ​provides an in depth study
into the power consumption within your premises;

  • A data-logger is applied to the main switchboard for a minimum 7 days, monitoring power, lighting and air conditioning circuits which measures and records the amps, voltages and harmonics being drawn from each circuit.
  • Visiting each room throughout the premises, a we count up of all electrical equipment throughout each building.
  • We identify sub-boards and whether they require further data logging of these boards is required for further accuracy.
  • Graphical interpretation of the monitoring results is produced for a usable interpretation of the findings.
  • Formal presentation of results and assistance in the implementation is offered, as required.

A ComSpark audit covers power, lighting, air conditioning and all other circuits in use. Monitoring the power consumption over a week or longer will identify peak usage periods, highlight wastage, such as consumption in the evenings and weekends as well as inefficiency through load balance.

Some of our findings have a simple solution,
some are more complex…

You may think that your timers and sensors are working correctly, however, due to power outages or human intervention they may not be working at all! Time to check.

We have found on many occasions hot water urn’s for making tea and coffee are left on boil 24hrs a day, 7 days a week….wasting a huge amount of energy. Newer options are instantaneous and can be programmed to turn off during out of hours or retrograde a timer onto older units.

Solutions can be as easy as implementing a company policies that will save money, timers or sensors on lighting to ensure only security lighting is left on when the building is not in use or upgrading older equipment to newer, more energy efficient products.

For a quick, painless and obligation free assessment of your circumstances, call now on 08 6336 7210 to arrange a time for one of our certified Energy Efficiency EcoXperts to visit and discuss your premises and options.  Our findings are often pleasantly surprising!

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