Seeking a specific standards compliant lighting configuration in Perth?

Maybe you’re unaware of what’s required or what options are available for a given space at your premises. We can certainly assist!

Lighting has a vast range of purposes, particularly within government, industrial and commercial sectors. Well chosen lighting can also leave an impression, enhance mood or increase productivity. Our expertise lies in knowing which light and what fixture are best suited for its objective.

ComSpark can offer an holistic solution or a range of first-rate lighting; design, installation, upgrade or modification services. We also source from the top suppliers including: Philips, GE, Osram, Robus and Dolphin, should you have a preference.


LED light tube

Feature LED light

LED High Bay Light

Feature LED Lamp

LED Lighting

LED strip lighting

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Standard LED tube fixture


energy saving electrical LED lighting

Good quality lighting, in many circumstances, is not noticeable, but bad lighting can not only be annoying but hazardous.

All government and most industrial and commercial lighting systems are subject to building code specifications:

  • wattage per square meter
  • brightness levels
  • colour rendering

Energy Saving

electrical energy saving lighting

It’s no longer a secret that switching from Edison’s incandescent invention to the latest LED options will save you a minimum of 30% on your power costs but have you considered adding any lighting control systems?

Adding appropriate sensors, timers and daylight switches will further reduce your electricity bills with a return on investment (ROI) ranging from 4 weeks to 12 months.


electrical security lighting

You have the power to prevent nuisances and crimes from taking place on your premises. In many instances every year burglary, trespassing and vandalism could’ve been avoided by installing sensor activated lighting.

Other control systems such as timer and daylight activated mechanisms are further options available which may have the added bonus of reducing your overall energy costs.


electrical floodlighting

Sports and recreational open spaces can often be the source of anguish for those living in close proximity, especially when there are nighttime activities. However, many do not know there are legal thresholds for the throwback from floodlighting and that light fittings exist that can massively reduce overflow.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical LED lighting options are an area of our expertise, talk to us today.


landscape electrical lighting

Creating a night-scape wonderland or simply lighting the driveway or pathway, there are options for any size or budget.

Cost aside, the most important aspect of landscape lighting is that it is installed correctly. Digging through electrical wiring in a garden has become such a common occurrence that the government has set up a hotline.


electrical speciality lighting

In our opinion, a building just isn’t complete without some form of feature lighting but we might be a little biased. It’s been proven however that lobbies and reception area’s actually benefit greatly by creating a captivating first impression. Have you considered adding a little razzle-dazzle?

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