By now, most property managers in Perth are aware that RCD Switches require testing at least once per annum?

But unless you keep to a strict schedule, it can be easy to overlook, you and your associated clients wouldn’t want to become liable should anything happen as a result of an unmaintained power supply.

The main cause of a switchboard fire is an undetected “HotSpot”. Early detection of hotspots is key and by ensuring that electrical works are well maintained, you’ll save your business and occupants time, money and the potential risk.

ComSpark can eliminate this issue altogether with an audit of your property portfolio otherwise we could set up a maintenance schedule to progressively report on a selection of your properties.

Electrical RCD Switch

Smoke Detectors are no different

Electrical Smoke Detector Testing

It’s mandatory for owners and landlords to install hard-wired smoke alarms to ensure their residential property complies with Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1960 Section 248 and the Local Government Act 1995 Section 9.60, and the Building Amendments Regulations 2009.

We’ll check Porch Lights while we’re there!

Electrician - Porch Light

Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) came into effect from 1 July 2013 which stipulated that porch lights are required at all front doors (operational from inside). While attending to your routine maintenance we’re only to happy to save you the trip by letting you know which comply and which don’t.

Prevention is a good practice in business.

Electrician Safety Switch Testing

The wisdom of this approach is recognised specifically in certain legislation eg for the installation and maintenance of smoke alarms, safety switches (eg RCDs) and porch lighting; but any and all electrical devices should be routinely maintained for safety and financial reasons.

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