Fluorescent Electrical Lighting vs LED Electrical Lighting

Is it time to change your Fluoro’s?

Fluorescent lighting is designed to last, and until they start flickering many people don’t consider them.

Whilst they may still be working, over time fluorescent lights lose their brightness. It may not be noticeable until one tube requires replacing, then the difference becomes very obvious.  If you can look at your fluorescent lighting without it being too bright to look away, it is certainly time to change them.

It is recommended that fluorescent tubes are replaced every two years and done as a group relamping program. Group relamping ensures even distribution of lighting throughout and can reduce the average labour cost of a single lamp replacement by 90 percent or more.

The cost of giving up some remaining service life of an operating lamp when compared to labour savings achieved is insignificant. Bad lighting adversely affects worker productivity and health … impacting on the amount of work, the quality of work and the accuracy of work.

Eye strain and headaches are common when the lighting levels are not correct. If you provide better lighting for your employees, they will reward you through the productivity, accuracy and high quality of their work.

If you haven’t had your fluorescent tubes changed in the last two years, contact ComSpark and stop ‘working in the dark’!  With ComSpark’s service guarantee, we can be at your work site tomorrow.

Do your fluoro’s need changing?