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Top 5 office fit-out mistakes

Setting up or shifting an office can be a an exciting experience for everyone,
if it goes smoothly that is.

We’ve been involved in quite a few office fit-outs in our time, in fact in one case, we took all the wiring out only for the new occupants to come back to us with a request to put it back in again the exact same way. Mind you it was a lot neater and more efficient the second time around!

If nothing else, we’re hoping the following will assist someone with their next move, maybe you know that someone:

5. Not allowing enough budget: this may come as no surprise but we’re finding that some companies are completely in the dark when it comes to what’s involved in wiring up a new headquarters along with the associated cost.

4. Not doing enough planning: which could include not fully designing out your office space before signing the lease. In turn, this situation can lead to ad-hoc arrangements that no-one ever gets around to rectifying.

3. Communications room is an afterthought: when it should be top of the list. The placement of the servers and phone system in context with the rest of the office is vital and can make a massive difference in cost and efficiency of the overall communications system.

2. Not adequately allowing for expansion: insist on a switchboard that will give you room to grow, that extra $50 or so now will save you in the long run. Consider running an extra cable or two for future need if you think an area is an adaptable one, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll regret it.

1. Not including enough power or data points: we’re finding this is, above and beyond, the most common cause of call out’s for offices and in a lot of cases it’s a preventable one. Ensure there’s always a minimum of a two power points at any work station. If it’s a self contained office, include two sets of two, one for each side of the room.

Do you have any regrets from your last fit-out?