Electrical Powerpoint with USB connection

The New Way To Charge Electrical Devices

Power points with USB Charging outlets

With the growing number of electronic devices that charge via USB, access to additional USB charging points is becoming increasingly important. In addition, the average individual owns more than two devices that require daily charging, therefore old-fashioned outlets just won’t cut it.

Fortunately, power outlets are about to change to suit our energy-fuelled lifestyles. You can now purchase power outlets with built-in USB plugs. These outlets allow you to plug in and charge any device that connects with a USB port, offering 5V– enough to charge most gadgets, including mobile phones, iPod or the iPad. Then leaving the two 240V AC plugs for those other high-power gadgets.

These changes are all part of the new universal charging adoption plan, designed to reduce the carbon footprint from the mobile charging transformer industry. It is projected that the production of replacement chargers will be reduced by as much as 51,000 tons annually. Mobile Phones eventually won’t be sold with chargers as the manufacturers assume you already have one. HTC is the first manufacturer to announce it won’t include a wall charger with their new phone.

What are the benefits of USB outlet?
USB power points can replace hazardous power boards.

Here are a few more benefits:

• Bulky chargers take up space. USB wall charger power outlets don’t require charger plugs.
• USB wall charger outlets free up sockets, so you can plug more things in.
• USB power points make it much more convenient to charge devices, as charger plugs aren’t needed.
• They come with inbuilt surge protection, temperature control, and are usually very energy efficient.
• They are a very safe alternative to dicey third-party aftermarket chargers.

What is involved in the installation?
The USB power point outlet is a direct replacement to the standard Australian double power point. So no messy wiring issues, however we recommend that a qualified electrical contractor does the swap for you.
If you’d like to streamline your home’s power outlets, we’d be happy to install a new, energy-efficient USB wall charger power outlet for you. Contact us to learn more.


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