Electrical smoke detectors perth

What’s the difference?

You may know of the simple yet effective catch phrase: ‘Oils ain’t oils’, which rose in prominence during the nineties from a highly successful advertising campaign by Castrol.

Similarly, when it comes to smoke detectors this is the current state of affairs within our industry. Unfortunately there are many electricians out there that don’t know the difference between varieties which are consistently being installed inappropriately.

So what is the difference between Smoke Detectors?

Photo Electric smoke detectors: respond best to smouldering fires from dense fabrics such as bedding, mattresses and upholstered furniture, whereas;

Ion smoke detectors: are particularly sensitive to flames that are produced from papers and liquids.

Of course there’s no negating their importance but as an occupant you want to know that they’ll work to their maximum effectiveness when they are required to do so.

As such, our recommendation  whether it’s a residential or commercial/industrial setting is that the correct variety be installed with respect to its surroundings. This could be as simple as doing a quick assessment of items that are positioned within a 10 metre radius of the device.

For further information see public announcements by: WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DEFAS) and National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM.

We’ve recently crossed paths with ‘dual’ varieties but at the point of writing none of our quality suppliers had a model on offer for testing, as such the effectiveness of ‘dual’ smoke detectors couldn’t be verified.

Are you certain your electrician installed the correct smoke detectors at your premises?