WiFi: the little technology that could

WiFi, heralded Australian invention, has undoubtedly become a popular technology the world over, increasingly so in the US and Europe where its now ubiquitous.

In the current ‘age of mobility’, internet access is an essential to the traveller of today, primarily because utilising WiFi avoids hefty roaming expenses and with the rise of VOIP and messenger apps goes as far as to remove the requirement for mobile phone service altogether.

Wifi ‘Hotspots’ have become a drawcard especially for hospitality businesses, transforming users into customers for restaurants, cafes, lounges, hotels and the like. Wifi has been credited as generating new business as a direct result of a ‘Hotspot’ installation which wouldn’t have otherwise transpired.

In 2014, owning a portable device has become so widespread corporate and retail premises and government controlled public spaces are getting onboard too, offering free internet access simply because it now benefits everyone.

Depending on the size of the area, setting up a ‘Hotspot’ is relatively easy, you simply need an adequate ADSL router and service provision from an ISP, the rest is about security.

Is your business benefiting from giving a little Wifi?