New Year Resolutions

How will we keep our New Year resolutions?

Yes indeed, we too have a renewed sense of self and optimism for the year ahead, who doesn’t?

In fact, we’re already achieving some of the changes we’d forecasted for 2014:

  • We’re back in training! Yep, eight members of our office team are doing telecommunication apprenticeships. We figure that it’s going to benefit you the customer if we know the ins from the outs as well as the lingo
  • We’ve added to our team: Luke our new BDM and Ryan our new Marketing Guru are chomping at the bit to get stuck in, we’re sure they’ll be assisting you in some way very soon
  • We’re into Social Media! Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin – we’ll be publishing content regularly and engaging with our customers and raving fans daily, drop by and say hi
  • We also promised ourselves that we’d get back into blogging too and will seek to have new informative and insightful posts on our website on a weekly basis
  • When three-thirty-itis strikes, we’re eating fruit instead! We’ve weened staff off the Red Bull, crisps and unhealthy snacks and commenced a fruit box subscription with: Vitalicious – they’re fantastic!

Any initiative we discover or recognise ultimately needs to correlate with our values and growth strategy, which, at it’s heart endorses caring and sharing. So when we find that a resolution does, we implement it as policy.

Does your business have a strategy that keeps you on course to achieve it’s goals?