Master Electrician Business Woman Of The Year

Winning is just the beginning

Basking in the glory of our recent winnings at the inaugural WA Master Electricians awards we got to thinking, what does it really mean to win?

In asking around at a recent workplace meeting we discovered ‘a win’ meant different things to different people.

“It obviously means your on-top of things!” offered Karl, ComSpark’s Inventory Controller. 

In agreement, WA Business woman of the Year award recipient Kimberley Marshall, ComSpark’s General Manager, adds “On-top of OUR game!”

Expanding on the idea of being ‘On-top’ it makes sense to further unpack its significance.. What qualities would this infer?

  • You would need to be organised
  • Have strategic direction
  • Possess considerable integrity
  • Be accountable for what you say and do
  • Have a winning difference over competitors

For Kimberley, such attributes are essential ingredients for the day-to-day management of a company the size of ComSpark, in a male dominated industry we might add.

“It starts with having a winning attitude” says Kimberley  “Positivity and optimism can never be underestimated”..

Getting everyone onboard by cultivating a transparent culture and consistently reinforcing our PRICE values forms a solid foundation for inter-personal relations – both internally and externally. Everyone at ComSpark has KPI’s from the technicians to the receptionist to the director.. We are all responsible for our own successes and failures.

Some successes on the other hand.. Such as Grant ‘The Cactus’ Horton’s (pictured above) award for best (Mexican) costume.. Or Mark Rooney taking out the footy tipping competition for a second year in a row (by picking the favourites all season long).. Winning becomes something different altogether! For more fun event photo’s stop by our Facebook page.

With the WA Master Electrician awards completed, we are now turning our attention to our finalist in two categories of this year’s National Electrical and Communication Association (NECA) awards. Kain Woodward is one of three in the running for Apprentice of the Year and our innovative iVALS solution for John Wollaston Anglican Community School has been nominated for the excellence accolade.

Kimberley will be travelling to Queensland in late September as a finalist in the Master Electrician’s National Business Woman of the Year.

Needless to say, we’ve already bought a bigger trophy cabinet in anticipation of all the wins!

Who around you is winning ?