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Worst of field 2013

We take little joy in presenting the following but feel it necessary to enlighten you about the potential troubles you could face should you decide that price is the overarching factor and choose to hire the cheapest tradesman.

Our technicians are often called out to repair or replace poorly implemented electrical work. Many of these caused the customer the inconvenience of a second call out as well as the cost but worse still, in some cases such mistakes could have shamefully taken a life.

Together with the top image, the following is a selection of what we feel are the worst we found in the past twelve months.

burnt-switchboard data-cabling lighting-transformer


Top: A lawn mowing contractor contacted ComSpark after hearing a loud BANG! and discovering this indoor powerpoint with no RCD safety switch, luckily no-one was hurt.

Left: The Fire Brigade was called to extinguish this house fire which was caused by condensation running down the cables and back to the switchboard. Needless to say, this could’ve been prevented by weather proof sealing the entry to the switchboard against ingress moisture.

Middle: No cable management or labelling which leads to a lengthy downtime for any fault finding.

Right: A light transformer with insulatation laid directly over the top of the lighting fixture causing overheating and a fire hazard.

Have you been burnt by an electrician before?